The Future of HCV – 2015 and Beyond

In December the FDA approved Abbvie’s all oral HCV regime, Viekira Pak. It may not be quite as efficacious at Gilead’s Harvoni, but rumor has it a competitive pricing scheme may well give Viekira pole position with many insurance companies. Indeed, Express Script has just offered Abbvie exclusive coverage for GT-1 patients because they came in with a significant (and undisclosed) discounted rate off list price. It appears competitive pricing and an aggressive launch strategy will win Viekira the standard treatment position for patients who are cirrhotic and treatment-experienced.  In termsof future potential, Triad Strategic Services (TSS) is looking for Abbvie to expand into the GT-4 space. It has a good safety and tolerability profile, and together with competitive pricing, there is no reason it shouldn’t be heading towards blockbuster status. It has a short time to pull ahead though, because BMS’s triple combo is not far behind and offers similar efficacy and tolerability. TSS notes the need for Ribavirin in treatment experienced and GT-1a patients may be a drawback, as is the potential for DDIs with ritonavir, but with the backlog of patients who have been waiting for all-oral therapies, there are still plenty of people to put on this treatment 

What are your ideas on the topic?


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